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Biology (BS)

Imagine the impossible

Have you ever wondered how living organisms thrive? Or, how genetics play a part in DNA? If so, you’ve been overcome by the world of biology. A world full of endless possibilities and breakthroughs.

Dakota State’s biology program challenges you to think analytically and critically. We combine our curriculum with computer science and information systems so you can incorporate technology with your scientific career. Join the Center of Excellence (CoEX) and prepare to take the lead, or start your own research initiatives with our Undergraduate Research program.


Train your brain

Gain knowledge about cell structure and systems of the body. Design experiments and analyze outcomes. Explore the scientific method. Analyze facts and statistics. Work in contemporary laboratories. Sharpen your writing and speaking skills as you share your discoveries.

Pre-professional programs

Want a career in medicine? Considering graduate school? Check out our pre-professional programs. These programs are intertwined with your degree and will prepare you for graduate school.

Career possibilities

A degree in biology will open the door to many fields. From Zoology to Botany, you’re bound to find a career you’re passionate about.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the BS degree in Biology, students will:

  • Have a basic knowledge of the principles of biology
  • Be able to use their knowledge of concepts in biology to solve new problems
  • Have a high degree of proficiency in the use of computer technology
  • Be able to communicate their knowledge and results effectively for a wide range of purposes and intended audiences

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