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Digital Arts and Design: Computer Graphics (BS)

Eye catching creativity

When you watch an animated movie or cartoon, see an advertisement, or text in a magazine, you’re observing computer graphics. To be a graphic designer, you must understand fundamentals like typography, complementary colors, white space, and more. Graphic design is a crucial part of businesses and organizations because they effectively display visuals and data to consumers.

Unleash your creativity

At DSU, you can focus your creativity in graphic and 3D design. Challenge your creative mind. Master design theories and graphic design language. Create stunning graphics. Use the latest software, technologies, and equipment. Curate design skills. Navigate the ropes between print, web, motion pictures, and video.

If you want to peak your design interests even more, check out our student clubs:

  • Art Club
  • Animation Club
  • Photography Club

Career possibilities

At the end of your academic career, you’ll have a portfolio full of original content, making you ready to take on the graphic arts industry.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the BS degree in Digital Arts and Design, students will to be able to:

  • Effectively work in a collaborative group
  • Requisite mastery over necessary design theory and skills
  • Think creatively, holistically, and resourcefully
  • Communicate effectively – visual/audio, written and spoken
  • Completed a strong capstone/undergraduate research project/portfolio

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