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Cyber Security Certificate

Secure the cyber world

The digital age embodies a vast number of websites, apps, and data management systems; making cyber security more important than ever. Emphasize your career. Become an expert in security models, crisis management, risk assessment, and more.

Install firewalls. Encrypt data transmissions. Examine access control. Act on security breaches. Explore IT operations and software. Plan and implement security measures. Protect your organization from hackers and malware.

Prepare for the future

All courses in this certificate program meet core or elective requirements for additional degrees, so they are stackable into the associate degree in Network & Security Administration, as well as the bachelor’s degrees in Computer ScienceCyber Leadership & IntelligenceCyber Operations, or Network & Security Administration.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Cybersecurity, students will:

  • Be able to describe and identify cybersecurity issues in IT operations and software
  • Be able to use the techniques, skills, and tools necessary for cybersecurity entry-level jobs

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