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Ethical Hacking Graduate Certificate

One step ahead

Industries throughout the world have information they need kept secure. With a certificate in ethical hacking, you can detect the flaws in security systems before hackers do.

Throughout this program, you have access to high-tech equipment and forward-thinking research. Step into the future, as you take a step into our homegrown virtual lab. Identify common security tools, features, and purposes. Perform realistic penetration tests, and harbor technical skills that allow advancement in the field of security assessment. Curriculum includes courses in network hacking, security management risks, and more.


In this certificate program, you’ll be learning from nationally recognized faculty and using cutting-edge research and equipment. And nearly all of the courses use our homegrown virtual lab that provides the same learning experience for both on-campus and online students.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Ethical Hacking, students will:

  • Be able to identify common security tools and compare and contrast their features and purpose
  • Be able to perform a realistic penetration test
  • Have technical skills that will allow advancement in the field of security assessment

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