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Health Information Administration (BS)

Manage medical records, manage health care

A health information administrator (HIA) is an expert in managing medical records. With a degree in HIA, you can work in the Health Information Management (HIM) field.

Design and manage health information systems to ensure they meet medical, legal, and ethical standards. Administer computer information systems, collect and analyze patient data, use classification systems and master medical terminologies. Manage records departments and serve on administrative committees. 

Our online and on-campus HIA degree is selective. As a candidate, you’ll need to complete a formal application to the program, after completing our Health Information Technology (HIT) program or obtaining a registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification.

Producing professionals of the highest quality

Upon program completion, you will plan and develop a health information management system that is appropriate for varying health care facilities, organizations, and agencies. You’ll also implement policies and procedures for information handling and dissemination, in accordance with ethics and in conformity with applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations.

The health care industry requires ethical leaders who can protect a patient's private health care information while managing health data quality and integrity processes, to ensure documentation accuracy. 

It is our goal to produce professionals of the highest quality. All of our students complete supervised professional practices. These practices are completed at a health care facility and provide hands-on training and networking.


Part-time students


Graduates employed in health care professions within one year


Employer community satisfaction ratings

Accreditation where it matters most

CAHIM Accredited Program Logog

Our HIA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). Our graduates are prepared to take the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) exam, to become a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the BS degree in Health Information Administration, students will:

  • Be able to plan and develop a health information management system appropriate for varying sizes and types of health care facilities, organizations and agencies
  • Be able to manage the personnel working in a health information management department
  • Be able to perform the following management functions as they relate to a health information management system: facility design, financial planning, budgetary control, selection of equipment and supplies, systems analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of departmental services
  • Be able to develop and implement policies and procedures for information handling and dissemination in accordance with professional ethics and in conformity with applicable federal, state and local statutes and regulations
  • Be able to design a system to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of health information
  • Be able to develop, analyze and evaluate health data retention and retrieval systems
  • Be able to collect and analyze patient and institutional data for health care and health-related programs
  • Be able to assist in research and statistical analysis to provide administrative and clinical information for institutional management and to evaluate patient care
  • Be able to assist in the development and coordination of programs to assure quality of patient care and appropriate utilization of services as required by the facility, organization or agency
  • Be able to develop in-service education materials and conduct and evaluate instructional programs for health information management personnel
  • Be able to coordinate and integrate the efforts of the health information management department with those of other departments to achieve institutional goals
  • Be able to participate in committee functions relative to health information management administrative activities and quality management studies
  • Be able to support and practice the ethical principles of health care and health information management

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