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Multimedia Design and Production Certificate

Digital art for a digital world

Art is no longer reserved only for paper, pens, and paint. Now, there are tablets that let you draw, sketch, paint, or design, with a stylus. Integrate your masterpiece with the latest and most innovative medias.

A certificate in Multimedia Design and Production will allow you to expand your artistic eye and develop a knack for media-related pieces. Exhibit typographic design and applications of color. Apply visual design principles to projects. Communicate narratives and emotions through a variety of digital media.

Sway artistic views, benefit your career

With your certificate, you can shape the way the digital world views art – on another level. Be on top of the latest and greatest artistic innovations and apply them to your career.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Multimedia Design and Production, students will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental principles of visual design to their projects in a way that enhances its communicative potential
  • Communicate narratives, concepts, identities, and emotions across a variety of media
  • Exhibit a thoughtful application of color and typographic design to electronic communications
  • Contribute effectively to a team or organization where the planning, design, and production of visual communications are key activities and integral parts of organizational strategy

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