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Technology Database Management Systems Certificate

Manage your systems

With a certificate in Technology Database Management Systems, you’ll be able to understand management systems in any field or organization. Explore fundamental programming concepts, while also analyzing, planning, designing and implementing systems. Complete your studies prepared to organize database programming for data manipulation and retrieval.

Our curriculum is intricate and detail-oriented. Get experiences with C, JavaScript, or Visual Basic to learn programming concepts, the system development life cycle, and SQL programming.

Advance your tech knowledge

If you would like to further your education, this program can transfer to various technology degrees within DSU.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Technology Database Management Certificate, students will:

  • Be able to understand the analysis, planning, designing, testing, and implementation of an information system
  • Be able to understand relational database design and data management using basic and advanced Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Be able to write computer programs in a programming language using sequence, selection, and repetition programming structures

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